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Presidio Partners is a San Francisco-based venture capital firm with a diversified investment strategy focused on IT, life sciences, and energy technology that allows for consistency in returns and the ability to capitalize on trends in various sectors as they play out over the fund’s life. Having introduced innovative portfolio management practices to venture capital investing, Presidio Partners is on a path to generate exceptional returns for its limited partners and create significant value for its portfolio companies. Learn more by visiting the firm’s new website:www.presidiopartners.com

Pangaea Ventures (www.pangaeaventures.com ) 风险基金投资于先进材料、能源与环保科技的初创阶段公司,在温哥华、新泽西,投资遍及美国与加拿大均设有办事处。


美国中经合公司 WI Harper (www.wiharper.com) 管理将近4亿美元基金,是最早在中国与美国间搭建价值利益桥梁的在美国创投公司中一员。将近十年间,中美经合借由太平洋两岸资金、技术与管理的交流,创立了许多国际公司;公司致力于有关网际网络、无线通讯、传媒、生物科学、保健的起步公司的支持;公司支持下设立的有名的公司包栝:分众传媒、DivX (DIVX)、Bridge Pharmaceutical、Cardiva Medical、Commerce One、Celestry (为Cadence收购)、Intraware、爱康国宾、美兆生活、SirF (SIRF)、3G.CN、 Maxthon 、Verisilicon等。


GRC SinoGreen Fund

GRC SinoGreen Fund, established in 2005 is a leader in private equity and venture capital in the Greater China region leveraging its experiences from Silicon Valley and Wall Street in applying technology to commercialization know-how from Taiwan into the mass market potential of China.  GRC SinoGreen Fund’s primary focus is on the fast-growing Greentech Industry including energy efficiency, energy storage, water treatments, recycling, companies that deliver benefits to users of greater value than the conventional alternatives, while maximizing the efficient and sustainable use of energy, water and other resources.

Hotung Investment Holdings Limited and its subsidiaries (“The Group”) is a premier venture capital firm with over 25 years of venture capital operations in Greater China and the U.S. The Group has been listed on the Main Board of SGX-ST since 1997.  The Group’s investment strategy focuses on high potential growing industries, such as consumer products, retail sectors (including online retail), photonics, precision component manufacturing, bio- technology, as well as culture creative industries in Greater China. The Group is leveraging its expertise in the venture capital business to generate strong earnings and performance.