Health & Safety

Safety is first

The potential health risk of any substance is generally associated with the magnitude and duration of exposure, the persistence of the material in a body, the inherent toxicity of the material, and the susceptibility or health status of a person. Since nanotechnology is an emerging field, there are many uncertainties as to whether the unique properties associated with these engineered nanomaterials also pose unique occupational health risks. We, at Cnano, strike hard to ensure the safety of handling the carbon nanotubes.  We aggressively enforce the adoption of many engineering control at our work place to isolate areas where a possible spill might happen. Our staffs are regularly trained and fully equipped with appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment) when handling any nanomaterials.


Please follow recommendation on MSDS closely on appropriate selection of appropriate PPE and emergency response to deal with CNT powders.


We encourage everyone to keep up with the emerging field of nanotechnology safely. Additional reading is available from the following sources:

"Approaches to Safe Nanotechnology:Managing the Health and Safety Concerns Associated with Engineered"

"Nanotechnology under the TSCA"

"Risk Management of Carbon Nanotubes"

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