Dispersion Guidelines

Dispersion for Performance


Although carbon nanotubes (CNTs) have inherently outstanding physical properties, incorporating them into other material matrixes can be a challenge due to its agglomerate form and surface chemistry of carbon. In order to fully utilize the properties of the individual nanotubes, these materials are needed to be evenly dispersed into the desired matrixes.  General methods for dispersing nanotubes include both physical and chemical methods.  Shear mixing, milling, and cavitation, etc. have been proved to work effectively to disperse nanotubes into liquid or liquefied substance.  Utilization of surfactant or functionalization can also improve interaction between nanotubes and dispersant so as to achieve maximum dispersion performance.


A general dispersion guideline is available here: CNT Dispersion Guidelines by Cnano


Please contact Cnano to discuss your target dispersion in more detail.

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