IDG capital ( is a professional investment fund focused on the Chinese market, the total size of the current management of the fund is $2 billion 500 million. In Beijing, Hongkong, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Silicon Valley, Boston and other places with offices. IDG capital to focus on consumer attention, service chain, Internet and wireless applications, new media, education, health care, new energy, advanced manufacturing and other fields have the leading companies in the first-class brand, cover start-up period, growth period, mature period, the stages of pre IPO, the scale of investment from the hundreds of millions of dollars to tens of millions of dollars. Since the beginning of 1992, as one of the first international investment funds to enter the Chinese market, has invested including Ctrip, Home Inns, Baidu, search room, Tencent, Kingdee, finance, Sohu, Wumart, eveny, andon, VANCL, Chinese front courtyard 200 each industry and outstanding enterprises, and have more than 50 companies in the United States, Hong Kong, Chinese securities capital market IPO, or through M & a quit with success.

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