Harper WI (www.wiharper.com) management of the United States nearly $400 million fund, is the first in China and the United States to build a bridge between the value of the Vc firms in the United States, a member of the u.s.. For nearly a decade, the economic cooperation between China and the United States to borrow by the exchange on both sides of the Pacific Capital, technology and management, the creation of many international companies. The company concentrates on the Internet, wireless communication, media, biological sciences, health care start-up companies support; support of the company to set up a famous company included: focus media, DivX (DivX), bridge, pharmaceutical, Cardiva medical, commerce one, Celestry (for the acquisition of cadence), Intraware, love Guobin, MJ life, SirF (SiRF), 3G.CN, Maxthon, Verisilicon and so on.

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