Cnano is a CNT maker in the manufacturing, R&D and commercialization of high quality multi-wall carbon nanotubes and graphene products for the energy storage,  especially lithium-ion battery conductive paste. The Company continues to leverage and enhance upon technologies it has licensed on an exclusive basis from Tsinghua University. Leveraging with the technologies, the company has developed the technology for mass production of multi-wall carbon nanotubes(MWCNT), and its applications.

Cnano Technology Ltd., headquartered in Zhengjing has one wholly owned subsidiaries, Beijing Cnano Technology Ltd.Cnano Taiwan Branch is under construction. 

Cnano Technology (Beijing) Ltd. was established in July, 2007 and its started CNT mass productions in 2009. Its CNT products were used in LIB application from January 2010. Now Beijing Cnano is a dedicated R&D center. 
Cnano Technology Ltd. was established in 2011 and has begun mass production since 2012. The factory could produce CNT powder and paste. The phase 2 and phase 3 plan is under construction. 

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