Tao Zheng, Ph.D.

Founder, President and Chief Executive Officer

Dr. Tao Zheng has many years of industrial experience in battery technology and business management. Before joining CNano, Dr. Zheng was President of A123 Systems (China) Limited, one of the world's leading suppliers of high-power Li-ion batteries for automobile, power grid, and power tool applications. Dr. Zheng established A123 Systems (China) Limited.  Before joining A123 Systems, he was Founder and President of PowerGenie, one of the earliest Lithium-ion battery cathode material providers in China. Dr. Zheng was also Founder and CTO of Voltix Technologies. Dr. Zheng was Research Scientist at Telcordia (formerly Bellcore), where he engaged in the development of plastic Lithium ion batteries after his Ph.D. in Physics from Simon Fraser University, Canada.


Eva Yan

Co founder, Vice President of Sales and Marketing

Eva Yan has more than 18 years industrial experience in Lithium-ion Battery technology and operation management experience. Prior joining Cnano, Eva was Managing Director Asia of Leyden Energy Inc. which is an US advanced LIB provider. Eva was in charge of Leyden’s Asian team set up and Asian operation. Eva was also Plant Manager of A123 systems, one of the world’s leading suppliers of high-power Lithium ion batteries for automobile, power grid, and power tool applications and also the biggest Lithium ion batteries supplier in US. Eva helped to build and manage A123’s18650 manufacture line. Also she helped to set up and manage A123’s pack plant. Prior to A123 Systems, she was co-Founder of Cham, one of the advanced cylindrical Lithium ion battery providers in China today. Eva received her master degree from South China University of Technology. She has more than 9 invent patents in Lithium-ion battery and also ever won Awards of Science and Technology from Guangdong Province.


Meijie Zhang, Ph.D.

Vice President of Technology

Dr. Meijie Zhang leads and manages operations with overall responsibility for production, advanced engineering and quality assurance. He brings 20 years of extensive expertise and experience in the large-scale production and commercialization of products in the area of Li-ion battery related industries and material science. He obtained his Ph.D. from Department of chemistry, University of Ottawa in 1994 and then completed a postdoctoral fellowship in Physics Department of Simon Fraser University, Canada, in the area of lithium ion battery and related cathode materials. In 1996 he worked as a senior research scientist at NEC Moli Energy (now E-One Moli Energy) in Canada, the only one provider of advanced cylindrical Lithium ion batteries in North America. In 2001 he returned to China to co-found Changzhou PowerGenie to commercialize lithium transition metal oxides cathode materials. More recently before joining Cnano, he was employed as the China Vice President of A123 Systems Inc., responsible for building up several plants and scaling up the process of making advanced nano-size cathode materials for Li-ion batteries. Dr. Zhang has published more than 20 academic papers and has 2 U. S. patents and 1 European patent. He was the winner of Canada National Natural Science and Engineering Council (NSERC) postdoctoral fellowship in 1994-1996 and was also awarded the Electrochemical Society Canadian Section Outstanding Student in 1993.

Ye Yawen

VP Operations

Ms. Ye has more than 10 years of experience in the field of Li-ion battery. Before joining Cnano technology, she was Plant Manager of A123 Systems’ Changzhou Plant. She was responsible for the operations of lithium-ion battery assembly, electrode coating and battery pack plants for 26650, 18650, 32113, 26700 series and has the expertise of lithium-ion battery process optimizations and cost control. She led a team to solve the issues of metal contamination and won the praise from world-renowned customers. Additionally, she implemented lean production and reduced the manufacturing costs nearly the half during stating in A123 Systems. Before joining A123 Systems, Mrs. Ye held several technical and management positions at global corporations, such as Eaton International, ARCELOR MITTAL.  As a project manager in these organization, Ms. Ye introduced new products to many world-renowned customers. Mrs. Ye currently serves as Vice President at Cnano Technology Ltd and is in charges of overall production and the company's daily operations activities.

Cai Yonglue

VP Finance

Mr. Cai was graduated from Hubei Agricultural College (currently, Yangtze University). He was Finance Manager, Financial Director at DODO Aluminium (Suzhou) Co., Ltd.  Mr. Cai then worked forJolywood (Suzhou) Sunwatt Co., Ltd. as CFO and assistant General Manager. Mr. Cai has many years of experience with finance and taxation. He is now VP of Finance and Secretary of the Board and is responsible for the company's financial planning. 

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